The main source of the Association’s finance comes from donations from philanthropists and contributions from members of Registration and Annual Dues fee.  It is our hope that the Association will be able to sustain itself financially without seeking for donations God willing.


Awareness campaign of the Association’s activities is being documented and copies are being produced for record purposes (CDs, photographs etc.)  Pamphlets production is also in process of being developed and a website has been designed.  The awareness campaigns are making much impact as more people are coming forward to seek for assistance.  In addition, some Government Ministries, Agencies and Local Governments have sent acknowledgement/appreciation letters to the Association as per photocopies of letters attached herewith.


Guarantee Trust Bank Plc (GTB) Katsina Branch

Account No.0028402203

First Bank Plc. Daura Branch

Account No.2022071170

Jaiz Bank Katsina

Account No.0000939250

First Bank Plc Katsina II Branch

Account Number 2024938804