About us

The Mother and Child Survival Enhancement Association is a pro poor developmental charitable based Association.  It started by giving token medical items assistance to the less privileged patients at the Daura General Hospital Maternity and Pediatric Wards, the formation of the Association was prompted due to the fact that there are not many functional non-governmental Associations in the locality.


The Association’s vision is to improve the health status of mother and child in the northern Nigeria.

In the light of the above, the Association started work in Katsina State with the aim of scaling up to other states in the north.

The Association will have a desk officer in the local government area (at the general hospitals and comprehensive health centers) to be able to  reach out the desk officers will coordinate activities aimed at mobilizing and providing support to indigent patients for purchase of drug prescribed at the hospitals.


The Association was established mainly to improve Maternal and Child Health Care.  It has had interventions in Katsina State and is seeking to scale up to more states within Nigeria thereby complementing government’s effort


The Association has the following aims/objectives:

  1. To assist the less privileged women and children in the society.
  2. To educate and enlighten women and children in the society (on health issues and income generation)
  3. To provide welfare materials to the less privileged children and mothers.
  4. To provide medical aid to nursing mothers.
  5. To provide educational materials to the less privileged children. (To improve educational status of the less privileged child through the provision of educational materials)


 The Association is fully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with Registration Certificate No. CAC/IT/NO.38891 dated 17th June, 2010.